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2 - Verification

  • Please complete your document submission on your dashboard within 5 days. Check required document list here.
  • Our dedicated team will verify your document submisson before submitting it to the acquired bank. We will call you for more details.
  • Once verified, you can start receiving your FPX settlement as per scheduled.


3 - Approval

  • To enable credit card feature, the acquired bank will review your submission in 7 days. Prohibited or non-syariah compliance product will be rejected.
  • Once approved, your credit card features will be enabled.
  • You are now officially a senangPay merchant. We wish you all the best!

What are the prohibited item to sell?

There are few items or category that you cannot sell if you intent to use senangPay. The item are: Drugs, Gambling, Pyramid Scheme, Pornography, Human body parts, Weapons & Explosive, and other activities that is against the Malaysia government laws. See more detailed list here.

What is ‘non-syariah’ Compliance?

Your account will be suspended if we detect that your account aren’t syariah compliance. This may be due to selling products that do not comply with the Islamic rule. *If you’re not sure about the status of your product, kindly mail us here.

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