Request your payment easily with our customizable invoice and get paid quickly with multiple payment method available for your customers.

Invoicing made easy

Manage your billings and get paid virtually, 24/7. Your customers can choose to pay via FPX, Credit or Debit Card, and more other payment methods to come in the nearest future! With a few clicks, your invoice is made and paid directly from your dashboard.

Easy to create,
you don't need your whole team

Your logo and contact information will be imported directly from your merchant account without any hassle. You’ll simply add your billing items and details, and we’ll calculate it for you. The total amount will be displayed for you to cross check before sending it to your customers!

Quotation and Invoice,
all in one place

Once you’ve created your quotation, share it with your prospect clients. When done, simply create an invoice (or two) from the same quotation without having to do the same task twice! Your payments received will be tagged to the Quotation too!

Explore our senangGuide
to learn more

Learn more about e-Invoicing by referring to our senangGuide or email us for any enquiry at [email protected]

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