Payment form

Method of making online transactions easier and more convenient. It allows your customers
to smoothly make purchases or pay online on any device.

Universal Payment Form

Allows your buyer to independently key in the product and the product price. This is an open payment form, in which the field is universal and open for any value or amount or type of product. By using this form, you maintain only one form, for all of your sales payments. It is suitable for merchants without websites.

Unique Payment Form

Allows you as the business owner to add specific products, and lets you monitor each product transaction separately. This form allows you to set a fixed amount for each of your product.

Product Collection Form

Allows you as the business owner to add more than one specific products in a single payment form. This form allows you to sell a maximum of 10 products in a single form.

Example : Instead of having 10 Unique Payment Form to sell 10 items, you can have 1 Product Collection Form to sell 10 items

Product Stock Count

Allow merchants to control the amount of finished products that are ready to be sold to the customer in limited quantity.

Running low on stock can be a hassle, but not anymore. With this feature, you can easily control and monitor your product inventory in a snap.

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