Products Collection

Forget other shopping carts. Now you can have your own shopping cart using senangPay's single payment form for multiple products.

So powerful, you don’t need a shopping cart

Haven’t got the chance to build your own e-commerce website yet? Or setting up an e-commerce website takes too much of your resources and time? Try our product collection form today!

senangPay Product Collection Form helps you :

  • Start your online business asap, without having to too spend much time developing a shopping cart.
  • List a maximum of 10 items in a single Payment Form.
  • Enable your customer to mix and match item while shopping. More purchase.
  • Share your Product Collection Form direct in your blog or social media and start receive payment when you have sales!

View everyone's favourite form in action

See why product collections is a feature everyone has been waiting for. Try it for yourself!

How it works?

1. List your related product in one form

Add up to 10 related items or top-selling items, in a single form.

2. Sell more with a single link

Share the link to your customers and let them browse for more.

3. More purchase per customer!

Boost your profit with more purchase per customer.

Specially designed for merchants :

With less than 10 products

Who want to save on web cost

Who focus on sales-letter kind web

Explore our senangGuide
to learn more

Product collection allows merchant to add up to 10 product items in a single form. Read more about product collection form to learn more or send us an enquiry and we’ll be happy to help!

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