Auto Settlement

Sit back and relax. Your settlement will be credited to you automatically, twice a week.

Wednesday & Friday

senangPay will transfer your money to your account every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Unless the payment day falls on public holiday, the payment will be credited on the next working days.

Automatically transfered, no request needed

If your account is currently active and complete, and you reach minimum amount for settlement (RM100), your settlement will be credited automatically to your registered account bank.

No settlement charges!

We believe that you don’t have to pay to get your money. With senangPay, there is no charge for every scheduled settlements made to your account.

Daily settlemets for FPX Transaction

Transactions made through FPX payment before 12am daily will be settled to you on the next working day.

We understand that receiving your funds quickly is important, especially for those who rely on daily sales to manage their business operations. With next day settlement, you can access your funds more quickly, which can help improve cash flow and provide more flexibility for you to manage your finances.

Frequently Ask Question

Yes, all merchants will be eligible to Next Day Settlements.

No. Currently, only payment made through FPX is eligible for Next Day Settlements.

Your settlement will be processed and settled to you on the next working day.

The cut-off time for Next Day Settlement is 11.59 pm.

Yes, Next Day Settlements includes both B2B and B2C transactions. For B2B, it is subject to approved transaction.

Yes, your settlement need to reach a total amount of RM100 to be processed. If your FPX settlement of the day is less than RM100, it will be brought forward to the next working days until it reaches the minimum amount.