Way to sell with

QR Code

On your invoice

Ease your customers payment for your work by printing a QR code of your payment link directly on your invoice. Customer can simply scan to pay!

1. Create a payment form. Universal payment form works best for a payment without pre-set amount.
2. Convert your payment form link to QR code. Click here to generate your QR Code
3. Print them on your invoice.

On your book sleeves

If you’re an independent book publisher, this is a good news for you! Once your reader finish your books, prompt them with another books, right before they close the book.

1. Put up to 10 related books on your collection form.
2. Convert your payment form link into QR code.
3. Print them on your book sleeves!

On flyers and posters

With proper planning and design that sparks a need in the hearts of the consumer, flyers are one of the best traditional advertising methods a business can use. And what’s better than hooking them up directly to your payment form!

1. Print a flyers explaining your service or products.
2. Include a QR link for payment form for your product/service.
3. Customer can book service or make purchase directly from flyers.

Improve your selling games, one step ahead!

Prints are one of the oldest way of selling and is here to stay for years ahead. Step up your selling game by including a QR code for your customer to make payment easily, and fast! Combine prints and digital business and be on top of the game!

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