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3 steps to turn your blog post into product ads

Are you a blogger? Decided to sell some of your old clothes or collectibles to your readers but the hassle of creating an e-commerce web bothers you? Our senangPay payment button might be the best solution for you!

1. Create a blog post
2. Embed payment button on your post
3. Publish and start selling

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Collect funds directly through email

However you choose to sell, if you can put a link on it, you can sell through it. Embed our payment button on your email before sending it to your potential customer to make paying you, a little bit easier.

1. Compose your email
2. Import our button image to your email
3. Highlight your button and click on Insert Link to insert your payment link

Receive payment through a PDF file

Whether you’re mailing your invoice in PDF format to your client, or you’re sharing your product catalogue PDF to all your customers, make it easier to pay you by embedding our payment button in your PDF file!

1. Create your content in MS Word or Pages.
2. Insert button image and link it to your payment form.
3. Save your file as PDF and you’re good to go.

pdf interface that contain senangpay button

Wherever you can embed your link,
you can sell your products

Our payment form is the best creation ever to be develop for internet entrepreneur like you! For those who sell online without an e-commerce platform, our payment form help your customer make payment easily through FPX and debit/credit card.

Simply share your payment form and start receiving online payment, easily!

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