Way to sell with


Turn your daily post into an ads post

Simply paste your payment link on your post and facebook will auto generate the link to easy click view with a photo taken directly from the payment form itself.

1. Paste your link on your post.
2. Wait a few second for facebook to generate the view.
3. Publish to your timeline.

Marketplace for all products

You don’t have to install another apps to sell your products anymore! Simply create a product and sell them on your facebook account and let people find you!

1. Create a product from marketplace function.
2. Simplify and paste your link on description.
3. Publish to your wall and other groups you join.

Accepts payment directly through chat!

If you mainly interact with your customer through messenger application, here’s a wonderful news for you! Simply share your payment link with your customer and they can make payment to you directly!

1. Confirm order with your customer.
2. Share payment link through messenger apps.
3. Customer click and make payment directly!

Catalogue for your ads, and let user pick!

A catalogue is a container that holds information about all the items you want to advertise or sell across the Facebook family of apps. You can connect your catalogue to different channels to show people your items, including Instagram Shopping, dynamic ads, collection ads, Page shops and more. And with our product payment form, simply link your ads directly to your payment form link for easier purchase!

1. Go to Catalogue Manager at facebook.com/products and select Create Catalogue
2. Select Upload product info to add items and link your payment form for each products
3. Set up your catalogue for ads that automatically promote your most relevant items using Dynamic Ads

Everyone is on Facebook,
that makes for the best crowds

Facebook is crowded with people of all ages and styles, there is a group of audience for everyone. With the growth of this platform, it is safe to say Facebook is the perfect platform for you budding entrepreneurs out there.

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