Auto Settlement

Sit back and relax. Your settlement will be credited to you automatically, twice a week.

Wednesday & Friday

senangPay will transfer your money to your account every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Unless the payment day falls on public holiday, the payment will be credited on the next working day.

Automatically transfered, no request needed

If your account is currently active and complete, and you reach minimum amount for settlement (RM100), your settlement will be credited automatically to your registered account bank.

No settlement charges!

We believe that you don’t have to pay to get your money. With senangPay, there is no charge for every scheduled settlements made to your account.

Explore our senangGuide
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Learn more about our settlement by referring to our senangGuide or email us for any enquiry at [email protected]

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For enquiry, mail to [email protected] or call our suppport team for help.