Elevate your customer’s trust & confidence with us, introducing senangPay Verified Merchant

What is senangPay Verified Merchant?

senangPay Verified Merchant is a status of trust, a symbol of authentication and a level of confidence, awarded to Online Business that registered with senangPay.

Approved merchants through multilayered KYC from senangPay, Banks and eWallet provider can now embed the Verified Merchant Badge in their e commerce website as a certificate of trust.

This will not only boost customers’ confidence while shopping, it will also protect customer from scammers and fraudster.

What is the benefit to Online Business customers?

The Verified Merchant certificate of trust will consist of personal information related to the Online Business such as Business Registered Name, SSM number, Contact Info and Social Media Profile.

Second layer information are the lists of submitted documents that has been verified by senangPay, Banks and eWallet provider. Approved payment channels is also displayed.

The third layer information is regarding merchants Terms & Conditions, Delivery & Shipping Policy, Refund, Return and Cancelation Policy and Privacy Policy, all customs and personalised by the merchants itself.

All this informations is available and accessible in one place, for customers to acknowledge and understands the terms and policy.

How to become senangPay Verified Merchant?

For new merchants, simply register with senangPay, and eligible merchants will be activate automatically upon due diligence and multilayered KYC checking.

Previous merchants that is loyal with senangPay, will be enabled in stages.

Don’t have an SVM badge displayed on your selling page yet?

Visit our senangGuide for steps on how to retrieve your SVM badge and how to link them to your certification. Not yet a senangPay merchant? Register now!

*approval of SVM badge is not an approval of acquirer proof

How to enable your badge?   Become a senangPay merchant

Our team have done a thorough KYC on all eligible merchants. However, we are not responsible for any fraud committed by our merchant. To report a merchant, email to [email protected]