Elevate your customer’s trust & confidence with us, introducing senangPay Verified Merchant

What is senangPay Verified Merchant?

At senangPay, merchants onboarding gets multi-tiered filtering and a high standard KYC processes. We want to make sure that only eligible and trusted merchants are onboard.

Introducing senangPay Verified Merchants badge, merchants approved with this program can now display their SVM badge on their selling page to allow their customer view their verification certificate.  This boost customers’ confidence knowing only trusted merchants gets to use senangPay as their payment gateway provider.

Multi-tiered filtering,
and thorough KYC processes.

Our due diligence team are trained and monitored to assist each merchant with their onboarding process. From published certificates and approvals of related body, to licences and business registrations, all of them are collected and reviewed internally to ensure legitimation.

This help with banking-related approval and ensure a peace of mind to customers.

Policies as a guarantee for customers.

Privacy policy, Refund policy, Return & Cancellation policy, and Delivery & shipping policy. These policy dictates whether merchants accept a return and refund, and whether the customers will be reimbursed on the returned purchases or not, and more. It also allows customers to know the timeframe of receiving and return they need to adhere.

A displayed policy helps protect both merchants and customers in terms of reimbursement, and a guarantee to the customers. SVM provides assistance in drafting and creating merchant’s required policy to ensure security and trust on both side of the transactions.

Don’t have an SVM badge displayed on your selling page yet?

Visit our senangGuide for steps on how to retrieve your SVM badge and how to link them to your certification. Not yet a senangPay merchant? Register now!

*approval of SVM badge is not an approval of acquirer proof

How to enable your badge?   Become a senangPay merchant