Release Note

August 23rd, 2021

Major Update

Affin Bank's FPX payment method

  • Merchants are now able using Affin Bank’s FPX channel as their FPX payment method.


June 8th, 2021

Major Update

Stripe with FPX payment

  • Merchants with Stripe MYR & Multicurrency are now able to accept payment through FPX.
  • MDR is 2% with minimum of RM1.50. Read here for more details on transaction fee


March 24th, 2021

Major Update

E-Wallet + FPX on Stripe Account Packages

  • Merchants are now able to accept payment through FPX (Bank Islam) and E-Wallet.
  • Enabling FPX and E-Wallet on a Stripe package is the same as how we enable FPX and E-Wallet on our non Stripe packages.


January 19th, 2021

Major Update

WooCommerce Plugin for senangPay X Stripe Package

  • Merchants are now able to have both Stripe and senangPay normal package in a single WordPress.
  • This plugin can be installed with senangPay existing WooCommerce plugin for normal package.
  • Read our guide for more information


December 13th, 2020

Major Update

senangPay X Stripe Package

  • Merchants are now able to accept payment in Multiple Currency ( MYR, IDR, THB, JPY, USD, EUR, AUD, GBP ) via worldwide credit / debit Visa & Mastercard.


November 6th, 2020

Major Update

PCI-DSS Security Feature

  • Merchants need to update browser to the latest version to avoid any upcoming issue that may occur.
  • Minimum supported browser version is IE 11 & above, Safari 9.0 & above, Chrome 49.0 & above, Firefox 31.3.0 & above and any other browser Protocol TLS 1.2 .


October 21st, 2020

Major Update

No FPX for Newly Registered Merchant

  • FPX payment will be automatically enabled by the system after 2 days.


October 19th, 2020

Major Update

E-wallet New Feature

  • Merchants are now able to accept payment via eWallet ( TnG & Boost ).


September 24th, 2020

Major Update

Recurring Payment 2D Verification : Improvement

  • senangPay will charge the card in 2D, with amount of RM1 during the first payment and if the charge failed, they need to contact their bank to enable the 2D feature.
  • If the 2D charge is successful, the RM1 will be refunded (voided) back to the cardholder immediately , which solved 90% of bank declined issue.


August 12th, 2020

Major Update

Transaction Report : Improvement

  • Merchants are now can only download the report based on the following option:

-  Today
-  Current month
-  Previous 2 monthsto avoid huge problem to the web server.


August 7th, 2020

Major Update

Merchant Quotation & Invoice

  • Merchants are now able to create a well-formatted quotation and invoices for clients
  • This includes a direct payment link for the client to pay.


April 21st, 2020

Major Update

Hashing Type Preference

  • Merchants are now able to choose between MD5 or SHA256 encryption method in their dashboard profile.
  • The encryption method set will affect the manual API integration hashing.


April 3rd, 2020

Major Update

Pre-Auth Tokenization Payment

  • Enable pre authorization payment in Tokenization


March 23rd, 2020

Major Update

Product Clone

  • Merchants are now able to clone products


February 25th, 2020

Major Update

General Renewal Invoice One Month Early

  • Merchants are now able to make renewal payment one month early.
  • Merchants will get suspended for 7 days the expiry date, if no payment made.
  • Suspended merchants will be terminated after 7 days, if no payment was made.


February 17th, 2020

Major Update

Subscription Charge : New Flow

  • Merchant's subscription charge will be created 30 days before the expiry date.


December 30th, 2019

Major Update

SST Number on Payment Form

  • Merchants are now able to display their SST number on senangPay payment form.


April 11th, 2019

Major Update

Advance Recurring Subscription Date

  • Merchants are now able to set or skip the first recurring date in advance up to 3 month and give the access for the customer to do the same.
  • Customer can set the billing day and month to be skipped and set date of recurring in payment form.
  • This function will only be available for monthly recurring subscription.


April 1st, 2019

Major Update

Recurring Retry

  • Merchants are now able to retry for recurring transaction for subscription & instalment
  • This include daily retry and maximum 3 times retry

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