Recurring Payments

Charge your customers on a regular basis or a scheduled date via credit or debit card for a predefined amount.

2 types of recurring,
instalment & subscription

The best solution for big purchase items, membership, tuition fees, rentals, apps subscriptions and etc.

Recurring Instalment

For any high-ticket items, divide the payments to smaller payable amounts. Instalment payments = more customers!

Recurring Subscription

Prevent payment delay from your customers. Receive payments monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually, on time. Charged, automatically.

How it works?

1. Customer fill payment form once

Create and share your recurring payment form with your customers. And you are ready to go!

2. They will be charged periodically

Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually or even Annually. We’ll charge your customer for you automatically! If the payment has failed, you’ll receive notifications for your next action.

3. Receive payment automatically

Receive your payment on time without the hassle of chasing your customer for payment every single month! Both you and your customer will receive a transaction summary for every successful and failed transactions.

Recurring help automate repetitive task every month

Automate repetitive mundane task by setting up recurring payment form for your customers. Get notification aand receive your payment monthly with ease with just one step.

Specially designed for merchants :

Who want to receive payment monthly or periodically

Who wanted to give instalment option to customers

Recurring Payments API gives you more flexibility

Our recurring payments API is open to any system integration. Micro manage your recurring payment process.

Explore our senangGuide
to learn more

For more information regarding Recurring Instalment and Recurring Subscription, kindly proceed to our guide.

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