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Payment options,
and beyond.

At senangPay, we don’t limit ourself in just offering you a variety of payment options. We strive to assist and show you the best solution.

For your business, online and offline.

Sell on social media

Social media platform is booming, and is now the first choice for brands. Level up your game with our payment form, so you can accept all kind of payments, without an e-commerce store.

Sell on your website

For a stronger brand perspective, a webstore of your own is definitely a choice. See why senangPay is their best solution for payment gateway’s on their website.

API, app integration and more

Some folks likes to go beyond in providing the best brand experience to their customers. And we want to be a part of that. senangPay’s API are designed to be easy to integrate for you!

However they
choose to pay,
you'll get paid

There’s always some new way to pay, and it’s hard to be up to date on your own. Let us worry on that. We always improve and adding new payment options so you can just get paid, no matter how.

Online Banking



Buy Now Pay Later

Complete solution for
your growing business


Registered merchants


Registered merchants


Registered merchants


Registered merchants


Registered with BNM

As a registered Merchant Acquirer with BNM, we're constantly monitored to ensure you and your customers are protected.

Regulated by PCI DSS

We're regularly audited by PCI DSS to ensure our system is secure and trusted to process sensitive payment details.

Partnered with PayNet

And we're in partnership with PayNet in providing you a reliable and trusted online payment process.

Comply with Mastercard

As a registered payment facilitator for Mastercard, our infrastructure are trusted and comply with card processing standard.

Magician support team

We love problem-solving! Give our support team a call or drop us an email! For quick answer, chat with us by clicking on the green chat button!

Spell book (senangGuide)

Our system are designed to be so easy to use, you can solve your problem yourself! Read our senangGuide for some spells.

Businesses that grows with us

By developers,
for developers.


We understand the need for an established testing environment for your webstore/app. Our sandbox are free to use, so you can run some testing before you commit.


Our system are designed to be so easy to use, you can solve your problem yourself! Read our senangGuide for some spells.

For every business sizes and need

Start up

I am selling on social media and taking orders via whatsapp, telegram or other chat applications and I want to accept payment starting tomorrow.


I am running an e-commerce website or an application, and my products are marketed in MYR.

Lowest rate

My business has a higher value transaction and requires a lower transaction rate, 1.8% and accept payment with pay2phone mobile tap terminal.

72hrs approval

I need fast approval for my application. My products are marketed in local and/or foreign currencies. My business is running on e-commerce webstore.

Talk to us for a customized payment solutions for your business

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