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Equip your online store (web or social media) with a direct payment link to accept multiple payment options

Haven’t got the chance to build your own e-commerce website yet? Or setting up an e-commerce website takes too much of your resources and time? Try our product collection form today! Forget all the hassle with other shopping carts. Now you can have your own shopping cart using senangPay’s single payment form for multiple products.

Are you a one-woman show,
or just trying to reduce redundant task?

Get notified on payments made,
automated and secured.

Cross checking payment transfer made with the attached receipt is a hassle. But not cross checking it, make you prone to the fake receipt scam! With a payment form, receive FPX transfer with a breeze. Not to mention other payment methods are also available too.

Buyer details all in one dashboard,
systematic and easier to refer to.

Still keeping your buyer database in a book or spreadsheet file? Or you’re just scrolling through them in your whatsapp/telegram? With our dashboard, all your buyer and purchase details are stored for easy reference. Search by latest transaction, or names and you’re good to go. You can even export them for reporting.

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