Get Advance Package subscription for
FREE with monthly sales 100K

Get more than just payment gateway !

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Campaign eligibility

  1. Special for new sign up merchant.
  2. Open to all online business owner (MSME).
  3. Approval is subject to existing senangPay / bank Terms and Conditions.

How do I qualify?

  1. Monthy online transaction must be RM 100,000 per month.
  2. Submit bank account statement for approval.
  3. FREE subscription for Advance Package (new sign up merchant)

How do I apply?

  1. **
  2. **
  3. **

Registration Process & Activation


What you should do ?

1.Upload ALL REQUIRED documents.
2. Update your TERMS & CONDITIONS

Please make sure you do not miss any documents to avoid any issues/delays in processing your applications.

Activation :



What happens here ?

We’ll verify your documents and call you to ensure everything is correct and comply with the bank requirements.

If there’s any issues, your application will be process for the next phase.

Activation :



What’s next ?

You will receive notifications by email and you can now start receiving payments from credit/debit cards. 

If you apply for a Grab payment, you will also be able to begin receiving those payments upon Grab’s approval.



Frequently Asked Question

Learn more about this promotion

Only available for Advance Package.

This promotion will be available from *date* to *date* or when slots are fully redeemed (whichever come first).

Register with senangPay here and choose Advance Package. Fill in all the details required. Please note that approval are subject to senangPay / our acquired bank terms & condition.

No, you can’t. This promotion only eligible for new merchant.

You may refer here for the documents needed + your bank account statement for 3 months.

You will received an email notifications for the promo code once all the document has been approved.

If your business runs on social media and messaging apps, you can use our senangPay Product Collection Form or Payment Form to receive online payment. Websites are not compulsory for this package.

You can use FPX and e-Wallet as early as 3 days upon complete document uploads. However, your credit card function will be enabled once your account is approved by bank.

We’ll contact you should this issue occur and registration fees will be refund upon requested with terms and conditions.


Yes. You can upgrade your account to Special , Stripe MYR and Stripe Multicurrency Package.