e-Wallet Payment

More and more are heading cashless and using eWallet for payment. What stops you?

What is e-Wallet Payment

e-Wallet Payment enable merchants to receive payments from e-Wallet users. This allow merchants to further expand their business in this cashless era where more and more users are using e-Wallet as an alternative to cashless payment.

Who do we support?

Currently, we’re receiving payment Boost, Touch-n-Go e-Wallet, and GrabPay, but are in the process of further expanding our choices. Please do note that e-wallet payment features are subjected to e-wallet providers' approval.

GrabPay payment option is available upon merchant request. To request for GrabPay payment option, please email your merchant ID, contact email, contact number and mention GrabPay Application option. Subject to providers approval.

What are the charges,
and how is the settlement?

This feature is available for free for all Advance, Special Package and Stripe MYR subscribers beginning 19 October 2020. The transaction rate is 1.5% or RM0.65, whichever is higher. For merchants registering before 1st February 2021, you are required to send in an email to [email protected] to request for GrabPay for your customers.

The settlement for e-wallet purchases is processed as per usual.

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Learn more about e-Wallet Payment by referring to our senangGuide or email us for any enquiry at [email protected]

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