1. What is senangPay?

senangPay is an Online Payment Gateway that accepts payments for online transaction, through credit/debit card or Internet Banking (FPX).

2. How does senangPay work?

senangPay eases online selling arrangement and online transaction between merchants and buyers. Buyers can directly pay the merchant straight on product view, whether it is on blog, web or media social such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Merchants can also receive payments through SMS and Email.

3. How does this happen?

On DAHSBOARD, merchant will create a PAYMENT FORM that includes product information and payment inquiries, then a URL or a PAYMENT BUTTON will be generated and the merchant can share it to buyers through any social medium on the internet.
Interested buyers will then access the link and enter personal and delivery information. Next the payment will be done through credit/debit card or Internet Banking (FPX).


2. How much is the subscription fee for senangPay?

Subscription fee for senangPay is as low as RM200 per year.

3. How much is the transaction charges?

For credit/debit card, 2.5% charge applies for every transaction.
For Internet Banking, 1.5% charge applies for every transaction.

4. If my monthly transaction is large, can I get a lower charge rate?

Sure, if your monthly transaction exceeds RM250,000. Please contact us for further inquiry.

Buyer's payment characteristics

1. Can I receive international payments?

Yes, through VISA and MASTERCARD

3. What bank account should I have??

Account from any local bank in Malaysia.

5. When will I get my payments?

senangPay will pay to you on every Wednesday and Friday. Refer here for clearer payment schedules.

7. Say there are 1000 merchants to be paid on that exact Wednesday or Friday, can senangPay be able to arrange these payments?

Yes. We have ensured that your money will be transferred to your account according to the schedules.

Integration characteristics

Dashboard characteristics

1. What is senangPay DASHBOARD?

A system that manage all transactions, products, profiles, reports and customer services for merchants.

senangGUIDE characteristics

1. What is senangGUIDE?

Information Portal that act as a guide for you on senangPAY.

2. What kind of information provided in senangGUIDE?

senangGUIDE includes :
– Getting Start with senangPay
– Registration
– Accounts and Subscriptions
– Merchant’s Profile
– How to Use senangPay
– Integrating senangPay with Shopping Cart
– Buyer’s Payments to merchant
– Receiving Payment from senangPay
– Using senangPay with Media Social
– Customer services
– Law & Enforcement
– Idea of Consumerism for senangPay
– Feedbacks

Safety characteristics

2. What are the safety characteristics of senangPay?

senangPay uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for each transaction. Besides that, we do not store sensitive data such as credit/debit card information. Every transaction will require 6 digits 3D-secure code which will be sent to mobile phone for confirmation. We also have an internal “Fraud Detection” team.

3. What are the guarantees that senangPay is safe from hackers?

We cannot guarantee that we are 100% safe from hackers, but, we have made security our biggest priority. Our systems are constantly maintained and secured from any threat that may come.


2. How long is the waiting period before I can use senangPay?

As soon as your registration has succeeded and after you have paid your subscription fee.

3. What are the documents needed for the registration?

If you are a business entity, you need to submit a copy of your business registration license and bank account statement.

Customer Support

2. I have a problem with DASHBOARD, who should I contact?

Login to your DASHBOARD, and send a Ticket through SUPPORT page.

About senangPay administrator

1. Who owns senangPay?

The company who runs senangPay is Simplepay Gateway Sdn Bhd, 1155742-H, a bumiputera company which has been established since 2015.

2. Can I trust senangPay?

Yes. senangPay is an ONLINE PAYMENT GATEWAY run by a registered company. Navigate to our company websites.

3. Is senangPay registered with Bank Negara?

Yes. We have registered with Bank Negara. Kindly proceed to Bank Negara website for verification. 

4. Who is your acquiring bank?

Our acquiring bank is BANK ISLAM. Please contact BANK ISLAM for more information about us.

5. Is senangPay shariah compliant?

Yes, senangPay is shariah compliant. We follow the set of shariah rules and regulations from Bank Islam.

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