Advanced Package

More control on your Payment Form

With just RM450 per year

Additional Custom Field

Get detailed information from your customer

Add up to 3 additional field to get more detailed information from the customers.

Promo Code / Discount

Generate Promo Code for discounts

Promo Code can be used for a fixed amount or percents price off, depending on the date or period you set

Payment Form Language

Translate your Payment Form to Malay or English

To be closer and friendly, choose to use either a Malay or an English language form

Priority Payment

Choose to accept payments only through FPX or Credit Card

You can disable either one of the payment options for your convenience.

Recurring Payment

Receive periodical or scheduled payment from client, automatically.

senangPay will process client’s payment on agreed date automatically, and will send out status notification to both client and merchant. Suitable for merchant who need to receive scheduled payment monthly.

Easy URL

Shorten your URL Payment Form to an easy-to-remember words

For example, you can use

Order Update

Send a message update to your customer direct from senangPay dashboard

Once you receive payment from your customer, directly send them a thank you message or a Reference Number for a fast responses.

API Access

Get data from senangPay without having to login to Dashboard

Very useful for system development or apps that require more integration with senangPay

Split Payment

Split payment between from buyer, between you (merchant) and your other sub-merchant

Settlement process will be split directly to your and your sub-merchant’s account accordingly. This mean, your business return can be shared to both account simultaneously. Suitable for dropship business nature.


RM300/ year

Subscribe and start business immediately, start accepting payment from Credit / Debit card and FPX Internet Banking


RM450/ year

More features for receiving payment from Credit / Debit card and FPX Internet Banking


RM1500/ year

For merchant with high transactions count monthly, the transaction charge for Credit/Debit Card is as low as 1.8%.

Need more information? Refer detailed table for senangPay here or contact us


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