Empower your customer financial affordability with a Pay Later option

Offer instalment options to your customer, without the risk of no-payment. Get full payment on order confirmation and let us worry on repayment instead!

*Disable until further notice

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What are the benefits?

Here are some of the benefits of using ShopBack as a payment option on senangPay.

Offer payment flexibility and convenience

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Able to keep your customers happy and coming back for more, to make purchases.

Expand your customer base and reach new markets

Can attract new customers who are interested in this payment option and help to differentiate your business from competitors who do not offer this option, giving you a competitive edge.

Increase conversion rate and reduce abandon carts

Easy for customers to make purchases and increase in sales on your platform. For example, there’s a senakers for RM300. A customer immediately complete the purchase because RM100/month seems more affordable, with pay later option .

Will I get the payment monthly, or once in full?

You’ll receive a full payment minus the transaction rate upon successful purchase by your customers.

What happen if the customers miss a payment?

Nothing. You won’t be affected for any late payment. Our BNPL provider will take care of the rest!

On what price?

Transaction rate differs according to number of split the customer choose. No other transaction fees are charged.


disabled until further notice

We accept  (disable until further notice) and as our BNPL providers. More will be added in the future

Check whether your business are listed as non-qualified business. To ensure qualification, you may visit our senangGuide for list.

For new registration, application will be offered to qualified businesses. For current merchant, you may apply to apply for the feature by contacting us at [email protected] or 03-2771 2707.

Please refer here for enabling /disabling payment option steps.

Merchant/customer to request from senangPay for refund before reaching 90 days. For purchases made in the 24 hours timeframe, no fee will be charged. Any dispute and complaints regarding to BNPL, please email us at [email protected]

No, you’ll be registered as a senangPay merchant. For any problem regarding myIOU, you can contact [email protected]

Currently this option is disable until further notice.


No. However our onboarding team will double check if your business fall under Non-Exhaustive List of Prohibited and High-Risk Goods & Services, you’re not eligible for our BNPL feature. If you believe we have tagged your business wrong, please email us at [email protected]

If you’re an eligible merchant, all your product(s) priced between RM6-RM8,000 will have a BNPL option, automatically.

If your business falls under MyIOU Prohibited and High-Risk Goods & Services, MyIOU option will not be available for your business. If your business falls under ShopBack Prohibited List, ShopBack option will not be available for your business.

You’ll receive your full payment (after transaction charge deduction) on next settlement cycle.

It’s between the buyer and BNPL providers. However we do encourage merchants to advise their buyer to spend wisely.

Buyer can request for refund (according to merchant’s refund policy) directly to merchant. Merchant will then need to raise refund request to [senangPay / ShopBack ] via [ ??? ]. Upon successful request, the refunded amount will be credited back to buyer’s card in 8-10 business days. Only paid amount will be deducted. On the next payment date, buyer’s card will not be debited as the transaction is now cancelled. Should you (buyer) found that your card is still being deducted, please contact ShopBack support directly.

Yes. ShopBack account for buyers are free to register. Head to ShopBack official website for more information.