Accept Mail Order / Telephone Order Payments

M.O.T.O ( also known as Mail Order Telephone Order ) is a purchase transaction without card presence, where the cardholder does not or cannot physically present.

Details on MOTO

  • M.O.T.O functionality can be enabled for merchants who process telephone or mail order sales and business.
  • The customer or card holder presence is not required. The only thing required is the customer’s authorisation.
  • In order to avoid the risk of possible bank card fraud, merchants need to implement prevention measures and carefully check the information provided.
  • senangPay provides highly secure payment gateway for our Online MOTO platform in order to handle card-not-present transactions, including the call verification, payment processing and settlements process.

Like to know more?

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RM200/ year

Subscribe and start business immediately, start accepting payment from Credit / Debit card and FPX Internet Banking


RM450/ year

More features for receiving payment from Credit / Debit card and FPX Internet Banking


RM1500/ year

For merchant with high transactions count monthly, the transaction charge for Credit/Debit Card is as low as 1.55%. Price with GST, RM1590.00

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